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Chaplaincy role

Chaplaincy at Palmwoods School is aimed at caring for staff, students and their families.  It is part of ensuring our school offers a safe and supportive environment of positive learning and friendships.  Chaplaincy is committed to helping students make the most of their time at school. 

Our Chaplain offers individual support to staff, students and their families. This usually includes listening to and understanding issues raised, providing mediation (if required), assisting with problem solving and goal setting and enabling students to find a workable solution in their relationships both at home and at school. Our Chaplain will not provide spiritual or religious support unless written permission is supplied by the parents.

The Chaplain works in a team that support students which includes Behaviour Support Teachers, Guidance Counsellor, Principal, Deputy Principal and teachers. There are several youth agencies that the Chaplain may work with to support students with specific needs. These may include Child and Youth Mental Health Sunny Kids, Integrated Family and Youth Service or Community Solutions. From time to time a local church based program may also be used.

Our Chaplain is involved in a number of preventative programs to encourage a positive school environment. Group activities aim to help students to build their confidence and self esteem, develop their social skills and leadership skills and be able to work cooperatively with other students and school staff.

The students that participate in these programs require permission from their parent or guardian. None of these programs have religious or spiritual content.

If there are any concerns or issues with the support the Chaplain provides please contact the office at school.


Pastoral care

Our Chaplain, Bec, is at school 2 days a week and is available for all students, their families and the staff for support and encouragement.

Some of the main issues that the Chaplain provides support with are: dealing with conflict with friends or family, grief and loss, bullying, building resilience and discussing life and spirituality. Students are referred to our Chaplain by themselves, friends, parents & teachers.

To get in touch with our Chaplain please email:

In class

Bec spends time in class just encouraging the students and assisting with difficulties. When requested by teachers, she runs special programs to assist with perceptions and feelings, bullying, problem solving and resilience spends time in class just encouraging the students and assisting with difficulties.


Throughout the year Bec also runs special activities promoting family fun and building lasting relationship memories. These may include:

  • Father or Mother and Daughter date nights.
  • Father or Mother and Son outings.
  • Fun Fridays (old fashioned games after school) Pancake breakfast for parents.

Community events

Each year the school holds an Honour morning tea to say thank you to the main sponsors of the school, people who give generously to our school musical, enrichment program and other worthy projects. We believe that appreciation is an important part of life and our young people need to be thankful to those who help them on their journey.

Making our Chaplaincy possible

Local Chaplaincy Committee

Our part time Chaplaincy service has 2 days funded entirely by the Federal Government Funding.

Our Chaplaincy has an overseeing committee called the Local Chaplaincy Committee which is made up of representatives from churches, the school and the wider community. If you would like to find out more about the Local Chaplaincy Committee please email our Chaplain at

Donate online

Our Chaplain is funded by the local community but employed by a charity organisation called SU Qld (Scripture Union Qld). SU Qld currently employs over 850 Chaplains in Qld State Schools. Their website is It has useful information about what SU Qld is, about Chaplaincy, camps and SU Qld's work with at-risk youth.

If you would like to make a donation to our Chaplaincy Program, one way you can do this is via SU Qld's online donation page. Please ensure you specify the money is to go to "Palmwoods State School Chaplaincy". You will automatically get a receipt when you make a donation. Thanks for your support!

Social Justice

Each year our school participates in a few social justice projects to assist the disadvantaged. These programs encourage our young people to look outside themselves and their own community and see the world around them. These programs assist in building community spirit and compassion in the heart of young people that may be the catalyst to change the world into the future, making it a better place for more people. The programs currently being implemented are:

  • Homelessness Awareness Sleepover.

  • 40 Hour Famine.