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Getting Organised

Getting organised can make life easier for all of us and can reduce stress levels and the time it takes to complete tasks. Teaching children strategies to help with organisation is beneficial now and for the future.
Below are some ideas that may work in your home.
· Create an organised workspace for homework: keep pencils, rulers, rubbers in this area so when your child starts their homework they don't need to go looking for these things each day.
· Use colour coding: cover school books with different colours for each subject area. This helps your child find their books in their tidy tray.
· Use visual schedules for daily routines such as: ‘getting ready for school’, ‘getting ready for bed’. Encourage your child to tick off each job as they have completed it. If your child is distracted while carrying out the routine, redirect them to the schedule rather than telling them what comes next. This can help your child become more independent.
· Use checklists and ‘to do lists’.
· Use of a timer: this can be set so your child knows how much time they have to complete a task.
I am at the school on a TUESDAY this term. Please feel free to contact me via the office if you have any questions or would like extra ideas.
Janine Moore
Occupational Therapist