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Year 6 Waste 2 Resource Excursion

On Friday 28 October, Year 6 went to the Waste 2 Resource Education Centre as part of a sustainability unit, to investigate what happens when our waste and recyclables go to the landfill (used to be known as the “dump”) in Nambour. It was quite a surprise to the students that there was so much to learn and it is very well run and presented as an educational centre. The main theme was REDUCE -REUSE AND RECYCLE!
Back at the classroom, the students were asked to respond to the following three questions:
*What did I learn?
*What did I enjoy?
*What will I do with this knowledge/ what is my recycling goal?

These are some of the feedback comments from the students:
“An interesting thing I learnt is that only 2 types of glass can be recycled: jars and bottles.”
“I enjoyed the tour of the landfill site. I enjoyed looking at how the system works. I learnt that landfill releases BAD methane gas.”
“ I will use more reusable containers.”
“I learnt that if you put waste in the recycle bin, it can cause a big dilemma. I enjoyed flying with Dump Air and listening to the commentary. “
“I learnt that landfills are lined with clay. I liked that we also looked at worm farms. I’ll make sure that we use our bins properly at home.”
“I learnt that if you put recyclable stuff in a plastic bag into the recycle bin, it is no longer recyclable. I liked the smart shopping activity. I’m going to tell my parents about recycling.”
“I learnt that we need to cut down on our wrapping, re-use plastic bags and use more containers so that we don’t make so much waste. I enjoyed the activities and learning about the dump. I will change the way I look at rubbish and use less food wrapping in my lunches and more containers.”
“I learnt that it is important to recycle or in the future the earth will not be as nice as we hoped. It was not what I expected and Sandie was kind and funny. I will reduce, re-use and recycle to save our planet.”
“I learnt that worms have 5 hearts.”
I learnt that if a piece of glass is smaller than a $2 coin, you should not recycle it as it is too small. When shopping, I will buy the products with the least amount of waste packaging.”
“I learnt that 70% of waste at the dump can be recycled or re-used. The waste is buried underground but the landfill will be full in another 8 years.”
“I learnt that there is a lime green bin lid for things like grass clippings and garden waste. I liked the tour of the landfill and watching the machinery work. I’m going to always put the lid in the can and squeeze it together so that the lid can go up with the can to the magnets.”
“I take the recycling more seriously now after the excursion. Straight away when we got back to school, I grabbed two bottles out of the waste bin, washed them, put the lids in the waste bin and the bottles in the recycling bin.”
Amanda Regazzoli, David Notley and Miss Salli