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Digital Natives

Digital Devices for differentiation
Did you know you are probably living with a “Digital Native”? This term has been coined to describe our kids, who are growing up in a world where they have ready access to digital devices. As a parent you have no doubt had conversations with your children about regulating their use of digital devices and rightly so. It’s important that our “digital natives” experience a variety of different activities in their lives, digital just being one of these.
We cannot deny though, the motivation and usefulness that these devices can have in learning. As a school, we aim to use a variety of digital devices to enhance student learning. We recognise that there are many ways to use digital devices in the classroom. We have sets of iPads, laptop labs in classrooms, Bee Bots for robotics and programming, digital microphones and recording devices, interactive whiteboards, projectors and many more devices. Teachers plan activities using various digital
tools that support student learning. The use of different digital devices can help teachers to cater for individual learning needs.
How can I help at home?
 Monitor the time that your children spend on digital devices. Use a timer (eg. on the oven or the
digital device) to regulate the time spent and insist that they do something different once finished (eg draw, play a game, do a puzzle, play outside).
 Show interest in the way your children use digital devices. Let them teach you ways they know how to
use technology and share tips that you know too.
 Encourage the use of educational games and apps, use digital devices for homework at times (eg
type and print spelling words) so children can see that the devices are not just for games!
Remember… Our past is not our students’ future.
Happy digital device use.